Sh*tty Kitties — Turns 1!

Andrew W
9 min readDec 18, 2022

If you don’t like the “S” word, you will not like this post.

By “S” word, I mean the word “shitty.” It will come up once or twice.

Disclosure: I’m a late Shitty Kitty holder (August). I like the kitties.

Mint-i-versariesthe one year anniversary of an NFT’s creation, are among my favorite things in the ecosystem. A time of reflection. A time to review where we were in relation to where we are going.

Shitty Kitties turned 1 this week.

In December 2021, Co-creater power couple Minner and Haley set digital collectible (nft) collection Shitty Kitties into motion as one of the most self-aware projects in the Algorand ecosystem.

With an art style intended to look “shitty,” Shitty Kitties has been so deceptively simple to the average passerby that they remained undetected by much of the Algorand ecosystem until late summer of 2022.

What’s definitely not shitty?

Minner and Haley’s organization, ingenuity, and grit.


Throughout this overview I plan to illustrate how Minner and Haley silently helped paved the way for several mechanisms in the Algorand ecosystem while supporting vital infrastructure for other innumerable NFT projects.

From the introduction of adventuresa form of gamified staking, to vending machines, to supporting other creators’ discord bots and websites, Minner and Haley have touched much of the ecosystem.

I’ve been piecing together bits of the Minner story here and there, and I am so excited to finally be able to give this overview of the Shitty Kitty ecosystem.

Hot Take: Shitty Kitties is quite possibly the sleeper hit of both 2021 and 2022.

Evolution of Shitty Kitties (Left) Shitty Kitties #0 (Middle) Shitty Kitties Second Litter #8 (Right) Shitty Kitties Third Litter #1

Here’s why.

Shitty Kitties was minted 12/12/2021 (that’s a year ago!)
Shitty Kitties Second Litter (Gen 2) was minted 02/26/2022
Shitty Kitties Third Litter
(Gen 3) was minted 11/10/2022

“Ok Andrew… we get it. They had three collections. So what?”

The first two didn’t sell out for months.

While the first two collections had low supplies with price tags between $3-$7 USD, Shitty Kitties from both were left unadopted for many months. However, once they caught on, it led to two back to back sellouts, and a Gen 3 that would go to sell out in 1 minute 16 seconds.

Let’s dive in to the Shitty Kitties ecosystem.

Quick Links

  1. Charts and Shitty Timeline
  2. Less Shitty Timeline
  3. Shitty Adventures
  4. Shitty Treasure — Treats, Raffles, and Vending Machine
  5. Shitty Profile — Editing Name, Bio, and viewing Levels and Adventure status
  6. Shitty Accessories
  7. Shitty Collabs — Featuring Dale Forward and Joe Jo Babbit
  8. Shitty Snapshot
  9. Websites by Minner
  10. Recap

Charts and Shitty Timeline

In the introduction, I mentioned that Shitty Kitties didn’t sell out for months. This was not an exaggeration. Below are two charts from NFTExplorer. I matched up Shitty Kitties’ social media announcements and marked their sellouts on their respective dates.

Note: The dates marking the x-axis are a bit off on NFTExplorer. My red x’s, however, are accurate.

Shitty Kitties First Litter

Gen 1 — launched in December for 2A (~$3.05 USD at the time)
Sold out 07.22.2022–223 Days After their December 2021 Mint.

Note: That’s about three times as long as the average gestation period of a real life kitty, or about as long as a hippopotamus’s.

Shitty Kitties sells out July 22, 2022 — (Source:

Shitty Kitties Second Litter

Gen 2 — launched in February for 8A (~$6.84 USD at the time)
sold out 08.06.022162 Days After their February 2022 Mint.

Roughly 2 week after Shitty Kitties Gen 1 sold out.

Shitty Kitties Second Litter sells out August 6th, 2022 — (Source: — Dates on X axis slightly mismarked.

Shitty Timeline

This is how Shitty Kitties First and Second Litters overlap.

Here is a Shitty Timeline I made. SK1 = Shitty Kitties Gen 1; SK2 = Shitty Kitties Second Litter

Between February and July, both collections were simultaneously available for sale.

Shitty Kitties were still vibing.

Shitty Kitties #34 by Minner and Haley

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Less Shitty Timeline — (MM/DD/YYYY)

  1. 12/12/2021: First Litter minted at 2A. 470 kitties.
  2. 02/25/2022: Official Shitty Kitties Twitter and Discords formed
  3. 02/26/2022: Second Litter (SKSL) minted.
  4. 03/01/2022: Shitty Kitties did a small release drop on ALGOxNFT for SKSL #1-#50 while awaiting for approval from Rand Gallery. 8A each.
  5. 03/08/2022: First and Second litter were set up on Rand Gallery Instant Shuffle (100) kitties each.
  6. 04/08/2022: First 500 Twitter Followers
  7. 04/11/2022: Shitty Kitties Accessories — Shitty Litter Pan enters the world. No utility. Just for fun.
  8. 07/04/2022: Shitty Treats — Utility Token launch with 420 billion tokens
  9. 07/04/2022: Shitty Bios — Users could name and give a description of their NFTs
  10. 07/22/2022: “We sold out of First Litter Shitty Kitties”
  11. 07/23/2022: Shitty Adventures Launches with Fishing Trip “We have 16 parties of Shitty Kitties on Fishing Trips right now!”
  12. 08/06/2022: Second Litter sells out.
  13. 10/16/2022: Shitty Vending Machine — Cost 250 Shitty Treats
  14. 11/10/2022: Shitty Kitties Third Litter (SKTL) minted
  15. 11/19/2022: Gen 3 Public Shuffle “SOLD OUT IN 1 MINUTE AND 16 SECONDS”

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Shitty Adventures

Shitty Adventures were among the first, if not the first, gamified rewards systems on Algorand with lore and trait requirements. In fact, they predate Crazy Goose Flock missions and Mostly Frens’ Dream Quests.

One of the earliest adventures: Shitty Sky Diving-requires holding a Shitty Kitty with the ‘balloon’ trait.

So what are Shitty Adventures?

Shitty Adventures are a rewards system that pays out Shitty Treasure and experience to holders of specific digital collectibles (nfts) if they meet certain requirements.

Simply put: Enter an adventure. Don’t move the Kitty for a period of time (must stay in wallet). Get Shitty Treasure. Level up. Repeat.

Example: In one of the more recent adventures, “First Date”, users must hold 2 Shitty Kitties (from any litter) for 7 days. They can get 1 Shitty Treasure Box, but can get a bonus for having the “flowers” trait (not pictured). One additional criteria? Level 2 or higher.

Quick Recap on Digital Collectibles: Shitty Kitties are digital collectibles (nfts). Each have their own unique identifier that the network uses to store and track each nft’s transaction history. Applications on the network can read each nfts unique properties, and grant access or deny accordingly.

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Shitty Treasure

Shitty Treasure is awarded for completed adventures.

Each box contains a 98% chance to receive Shitty Treats, a 1% chance to win a Mint Pass or a 1% chance to win an NFT prize from the Shitty Vending Machine.

More on those in a moment.

Given out as a Vending Machine Reward for reduced rate Shitty Kitties Gen 3

Shitty Treats

Shitty Treats are the utility token of the Shitty Kitty ecosystem.

They are mainly used to win NFT prizes from Shitty Raffles and the Shitty Vending Machine.

Note: I won’t dive into Utility Tokens too much here, but in general, many utility tokens on Algorand more closely resemble traditional loyalty rewards systems and have no direct cash value.

Related Article: Rafflebees — Utility Token Market

Shitty Raffles

Shitty Kitty holders can spend their Shitty Treats-reward points try to win NFTs from within the Algorand ecosystem.

(Left) Totally Average Cats by DeRose and Freaky (Middle) State Pooofs by Soodle / Art by Mr. Monsti (Right) FREAKio by Freaky

Above, you can see I entered for a Freakio, a collection by Freaky. Since information is recorded to the blockchain, users can review their odds of winning and other active participants.

Shitty Vending Machine

One of the newer utilities to the Shitty Ecosystem, the Shitty Vending Machine dispenses Algorand NFTs.

Shitty Kitty holders can spend 250 Treats for a random NFT.

Shitty Vending Machine

The Shitty Vending Machine is only open on select days and while supplies last. According to Minner, this last time around, it “sold out fast as fudge.

He did not use the word fudge.

The only other way the Shitty Vending Machine is accessible is through Shitty Treasure, covered earlier.

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Shitty Profile

Holders can see the status of their Shitty Kitties, as well as view and edit their bios.

Shitty Profiles

“What are the Crossed Swords and Timer Icons?”

Crossed Swords: Currently on an adventure.

Timer: Still cooling off from the last adventure. Must wait to join another adventure!

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Shitty Accessories

Shitty Accessories are limited edition NFT perks made available for holders. They are mostly for fun, but award extra treats in the Shitty Kitty Discord group.

(Left) Shitty Cat Tower (Middle) Less Shitty Cat Tower (Right) Less Shitty Cat Tower 2

Other Shitty Accessories? Shitty Balls, Shitty Cat Bed, Shitty Roller Toy… you get the idea.

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Shitty Collabs

To the best of my research there have only been two Shitty Kitty tributes to date. One by Dale Forward and another by Joe Jo Babbit.

(Left) Dale Forward — first collab to be auctioned for Shitty Treats 9/21 (Right) Joe Jo Babbit — 2nd 10/04

Related Article: Dale Forward (Part of “31 Days of Algorand NFTs”)

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Shitty Snapshot

A tool created by Minner in order to view all the wallets that hold digital collectibles (nfts) from a specific creator. This gives a good idea of how many holders a collection has.

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Websites by Minner

Very early on in this post, I mentioned that Minner has built a lot of stuff. In addition to building Discord bots and airdrops scripts for several creators, Minner has been at work on numerous websites.

Minner has built websites for the following creators:

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Minner and Haley are among the many treasures of Algorand.

Silent builders often get lost in the noise of high volume collections and marketing hype. However, in down markets like this one, it is abundantly clear who is here for the long haul.

From creating newer systems and ecosystem support, to being humble and generous humans, I am so incredibly proud of the work Minner and Haley have put into this ecosystem.

I cannot wait to see what they do next.

With two collections collectively taking 6 months to sell out, to a third selling out in a minute and a half?

That’s not so shitty for those kitties.

Shitty Kitties on Twitter
H. Minner on Twitter
Minner on Twitter

Andrew on Twitter
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