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Andrew W
7 min readJan 30, 2023

One of the most hyped launches of 2023

Fracctal Monsters by Fracctal Labs is a monster taming, breeding and fighting game set to launch January 30th.

Here is a quick peek at what to expect at launch.

Note: any gameplay footage/images are subject to changes and may not reflect the final version.

(Promo Image Courtesy of Fracctal Labs)


Fracctal Monsters is a monster taming game that’s been in production for months.

At launch, there are 3 major components to the game I want to focus on: Daily Missions, Searching the Forest, and Evolving.

Daily Missions generally involve fighting computer monsters, feeding, and training.

Searching the Forest yields additional food items and more opportunities to fight other monsters and where users may encounter a Boss — a stronger opponent that yields greater rewards.

Evolving occurs after a monster reaches a certain age, (days held) if it meets certain requirements.

Breeding — Outside the scope of this article. But in brief, future releases will have different monster element types that can breed to make new monsters.

Note: This game is much more complex than the the scope of this article. A more in depth Fracctal Monsters Guide to come after main net release.

Before diving into Daily Missions, it’s important to get an idea of what it takes to make a monster happy.

Quick Links

  1. Stats
  2. Daily Missions — VS Battles, Feeding, Training and Rewards
  3. Searching the Forest — Finding Food, Enemies, and Boss Battles
  4. Evolving
  5. What’s Next?


Key Features — Check age, hobbies, diet, strengths/weaknesses, moves, spells, and enemies.

Players can easily view their monster’s capabilities, as well as things that make them happy.

From the laptop view, players can check a monster’s diet to see what kinds of foods they need to feed it. Vegetarian monsters are happiest when fed foods like apples, carrots, and watermelons. Carnivorous monsters, conversely, prefer foods like meat, pizza and burgers.

This page is also where users can view and change their monster’s preset moves. If a user’s monster learns a new move during PvP battles, it can be accessed from this screen.

Note: To access this view, tap the Laptop icon on the Fracctal Beach screen.

Laptop view. Age, Hobbies, Diet, Moves and Spells all show here.

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Daily Missions

Daily Missions are challenges that yield loot like food, Fracc Tokens, and stat points if completed.

  1. Versus Battles — Win matches
  2. Feeding — Feed a pet specific foods
  3. Training — Offense, Defense, and Speed practice
  4. Daily Missions Rewards

VS Battles

Key Features: Battles are usually a Daily Mission. Monsters can learn new Moves here. Stamina is critical. Getting stunned isn’t fun.

VS Battles are fought against a NPC — computer opponent.

VS Screen. Users that own a Fracctal Tamer will have their NFT represented here.

Battles are simple. In theory.

Try to knock out an opponent’s health bar by using a combination of attacks and defense while maintaining stamina and avoiding getting stunned.

A player attacks are limited by Stamina, the blue meter under the monster’s health bar. Users will have to balance attacking and recharging stamina in order to win battles.

Another thing to watch out for? Getting stunned. Certain moves can cause a monster to become stunned, leaving them unable to move and vulnerable for several seconds.

Monster using “Punch.” A move that knocks back an opponent.

What happens when you win a Versus Battle?

Bring an opponents health to zero, and there is a change a monster learns a new move from the opponent. Once learned, it can be equipped using the Laptop on the Fracctal Beach screen after the match is over.

Note: More of a console gamer? Fracctal Labs recently added controller support.

So a player’s won their daily matches, what’s next? Feeding!


Key Feature: Monsters are happiest if they are fed foods they like.

To raise a monster’s mood, user’s select food items from their backpack or fruit basket.

Backpack View — Here you will find food, toys, and Fracc Tokensin game currency.

In game items are part of a user’s digital inventory.

Note: If a user chooses, they may withdraw these items as digital collectiblesnfts to a digital wallet like Pera Wallet or MyAlgo.

(Left) Backpack View showing food, toys and Fracc Tokens (Right) Feeding a monster meat

Certain daily missions require foods that make monsters sick, so it’s important to check the Laptop for a monster’s favorite foods to feed afterwards.


Part of Daily Missions, users will be asked to take part in one of three training challenges: Speed, Offense, or Defense.

  1. Speed — Dodge all incoming attacks. If a user’s monster is hit, the minigame stops.
  2. Offense — Hit Trainer Swenor as many times as possible in the time allotted.
  3. Defense — Do not let anything pass! Using a monster’s body or projectiles, prevent Trainer Swenor’s rocks from hitting the flag on the other side of the screen
Dodging Trainer Swenor’s attacks. Swenor is the bearded monster pictured on the right.

Daily Missions Rewards!

Complete all (3) three daily missions? Spin for some loot.

Winning an Apple. Other possible items include Stats, Perks, Fracc Tokens, Eggs, and more.

With Daily Missions complete, searching the forest is another good bet.

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Searching the Forest

Key Features: Finding food, fighting monsters and bosses.

Finding food — There are a number of crates, rocks, trees, bee hives and other objects to explore in the Flower Forest. Tap on them, and you may find extra food.

The more Fracctal Monsters a user owns? The more food found in the forest.

Reminder: Items found in the forest are added to a user’s digital inventory, which is stored in the game’s database. Users have the option to withdraw many in-game items as digital collectibles — nfts to a digital wallet for use outside of the game. This is made possible because the game is built alongside a blockchain, a form of DLT — distributed ledger technology.

Finding carrots under leaves, and milk and cheese in a crate.

Boss Battle

Occasionally, users may be met by a Boss. These are much stronger than other AI opponents, and may require different strategies to overcome.

Note: This is a screenshot I pulled from a VERY early alpha version of the game and may look entirely different on release.

Here is proof after 27 attempts that I’m not completely abysmal at this game.

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Here’s a quick peek at how Evolving may look in game.

Upon logging into the game, if a user’s monster is old enough and meets other requirements there’s a chance it will evolve.

Evolving changes the monster’s appearance and alters its stats

A happy monster is an evolved monster

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What’s Next?

A longer, more detailed guide to Fracctal Monsters. For now, these are some of the core features an average user may encounter within the first few weeks of launch.

In the future, there will be many additional element types for users to combine as the game matures and grows.

Fracctal Monsters has come a loooong way in the months leading up to this release. It is evident a lot of thoughtful planning came together for this launch, and I am entirely excited to start playing for real.

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