middledoug — a year of Big Shrimpin’

Andrew W
7 min readDec 20, 2022

the m. the n. the g. the o.

Middledoug’s legendary anthem to all things pink and feathery recently celebrated its first anniversary.

Disclosures: I own digital collectibles from artists and creators mentioned in this article.

Artist and lead developer of M.N.G.O (Mostly Not Going Out), promotes the first verse of Middledoug’s Big Shrimpin’.


In December 2021, nestled snuggly alongside Tim P’s iconic Shrimp Game, RUGS! series, and the LingLing workshop, Big Shrimpin’ carved it’s spot in the MNGOverse and emerged as a true cult classic.

With nods to famous basketball players, painters, and hip hop artists, Doug managed to cultivate catchy lyrics that played off pop, crypto, and nft cultures while dispersing the lore of the M.N.G.O series with tongue-in-cheek quips that just plain honk. (is that a run on sentence or what!?)

This article will be a little different than usual.

We’ll exploring the lyrics to Middledoug’s ‘Big Shrimpin’.

With pics.

Because it happened.

Note: M.N.G.O — Mostly Not Going Out, is the sophomore NFT collection from artist and lead developer Stitch. It features flamingos. FUN!

“Big Shrimpin’” — Music and Lyrics by middledoug

First Verse

“Big Shrimpin’, prawn grippin’

ballin’ like Scott Pippin.’

Rockin’ gold beak since the mingo was snot lickin.’

(Left) M.N.G.O #598 “Ballin’ like Scot Pippen;” (Right) M.N.G.O #834 “Rocking Gold Beak

Note: “Scott Pippen” refers to Scottie Pippen, former American professional basketball player who won six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls

They might be right-clickin

Awe shit, the plot thickens

Note: Right-clickin’ here refers a common NFT trope. Vocal opponents of digital collectibles and NFTs will suggest they can avoid spending money on NFTs by simply saving images to their hard drive.

The flock ain’t chicken.

Nah, I’m kiddin.’ We’re not trippin.’

Hello, strange fellows reppin’ YBG

and all my hype beasts, with them Trinley tees.

(Left) M.N.G.O #347 “Reppin’ YBG” — Yellow Background; wearing “Trinley Tee” (Right) Trinley’s Fine Art NFTs “Cherubim #11 (Minted September 19th, 2021)


YBG stands for “Yellow Background,” an acronym popularized on Algorand by ice-cream loving holder Asharian in the original YSS (Yieldling Swap Shop) Telegram group.

Trinley tees refers to both the M.N.G.O clothing trait “trinley tee” and the NFT series by Matthias Trinley it was modeled after.

Stay well hydrated; mellow yellow IVs

Don’t want them eyeballs, falling out like zombies

(Left) M.N.G.O #2086 “Mellow Yellow IVs;” (Right) M.N.G.O #523 “Don’t want them eyeballs fallin’ out like zombies

Degenerates scrounge last shrimps from the lounge

Only scurred berds stick necks in the ground.


Shrimp here refers to $SHRIMP, the utility token of the MNGOverse.

Lounge is the The Popcorn Lounge.

Put up your doom mask, and your basquiat crowns.

Next gen ain’t 3D, it’s ascii clowns.

(Left) “Put up your (MF) Doom mask;” (Right) “Your (Jean-Michel) Basquiat Crowns


“Doom mask” here refers to British-American rapper and record producer MF Doom (07/13/1071–10/31/2020), known as a clever lyricist with numerous alter egos.

“Basquiat crowns” refers to American neo-expressionist painter Jean-Michel Basquiat (12/22/1960–11/03/1988)

“Next gen ain’t 3D, it’s ascii art” here refers to the order of projects released by creator Stitch. Yieldlings were done in pixel format. Middledoug jokingly states M.N.G.O is an even more lo-fi art style.

The flamboyance, clairvoyant, riding with the top off. Brand new flambo, honk honk the knockoffs.

Various Flambos (Flamingo Lamborghinis) — (Left) Randy Lots — Yieldling Flamborghini #023; (Middle) Yieldling Flamborghini #024; (Right) Yieldling Flamborghini #016


Flamboyance — Collective noun for flamingos

Honk Honk the Knockoffs” has a double meaning here. (1) “Honk” as in ‘honking a car horn’; (2) “honk honk” was the rallying cry of Solana flamingo project Flamingo Party. M.N.G.O holders began using “honk honk” ironically, and it stuck.

To be honest though, I rarely leave the house.

Mostly Not Going Out”


M. N. G. O. (x 8)

Second Verse

Birds of a feather flock together at the basement, quotation “shell station,”

Get filled up on crustaceans. Chillin’ on the sofa, lo-fi on rotation.

Live footage of “The Basement” aka a holder’s only channel in the M.N.G.O Discord

Watching the National Basketball Association.

Mingos hardly get rest. I blame it on the endless SNES tournaments,

Exuding no stress, Bored Less auras (x2)

(Left) Homage to video games of the 1990s (Right) Bored Less Cap-ital Hat


Bored Less Cap-ital Hat is a nod to Borderless Capital, a VC firm with investments across web3. (Left) M.N.G.O #344 ; (Right) M.N.G.O #40

Non-toxic, although some blow up Geiger counters. Laser eyes vaporize you to fine powder.

(Left) Atomic Beak trait; (Middle) Atomic tongue trait; (Right) Laser eyes trait

But I promise us mingos are harmless. Look cute in our pajamas. Some come from the Bahamas. From Tunisia to the Yucatan, WU Flam.

Tunes gettin’ creamed like Tucan Sam. Put on your sweatbands, let’s run it again fam.

In case your bowl brain forgot the acronyms:

(Left) M.N.G.O #233-Sweatband trait; (Right) M.N.G.O #1019-Brainbowl trait


M. N. G. O. (x 8)

Third Verse

(Calling out 17 specific M.N.G.O. Traits)

Basic Bunch in the basement (yeah)

Rainbow Grills in the basement (yeah)

(Left) M.N.G.O #1203-Basic Bunch; (Right) M.N.G.O #928-Rainbow Grills

Clean and Dirty Devils in the basement (yeah)

(Left) M.N.G.O #1697-Clean Devil; (Right) M.N.G.O #1441-Dirty Devil

Spacemen in the basement (yeah)

Hypnos in the basement (yeah)

Monos in the basement (yeah)

(Left) M.N.G.O #1156-Space Helmet trait; (Middle) M.N.G.O #559-Hypno skin trait; (Right) M.N.G.O #1554-Monohypno skin trait

Camos in the basement (yeah)

Solid Gold in the basement (yeah)

(Left) M.N.G.O #758 — Camo skin trait; (Right) M.N.G.O #302 — Gold skin trait

Pot Heads in the basement (yeah)

Kente Kufis in the basement (yeah)

Pizza Heads in the basement (yeah)

(Left) M.N.G.O #306 — Saucepan trait; (Middle) M.N.G.O #2697 — Kufi hat trait; (Right) M.N.G.O #2020 — Pizza Slice hat trait

Aliens in the basement (yeah)

Cyber Gang in the basement (yeah)

Leopard Skins in the basement (yeah)

Acid Green in the basement (yeah)

(Left) M.N.G.O #860 — Alien skin trait; (Middle) M.N.G.O #1284 —Cyber Eyes & Leopard Skin hat traits; (Right) M.N.G.O #593 — Acid Green skin trait

Top a hundred kings in the basement”

M.N.G.O #2998

Note: “Top a hundred kings” refers to the top 100 rarity NFTs in the M.N.G.O collection. M.N.G.O #2998, rarity #1 recently sold for 69,420A ($13,155 USD)


Big Shrimpin’ on Youtube

May 31st 2022, Middledoug added Big Shrimpin’ to Ditto Music, making it available on most major streaming platforms


It became available on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, deezer, TIDAL, pandora and many many more.


Middledoug has been widely influential in the Algorand NFT space, going onto releasing Rug Life (RUGS! Anthem) and Meep (SHEP Anthem) among others in 2022.

Big Shrimpin’ remains as a testament to the thriving creativity of the Algorand ecosystem, and I personally cannot wait to see what he comes out with next.

Middledoug on Twitter

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How to download the mp3?

Holders of Middledoug NFTs or $DD — DougDough can access an mp3 download on his website.

Note: DougDough is a reeeally old ASA. Each new Algorand token is assigned a serial number. Older tokens have lower number than newer tokens.

DougDough’s asset ID has 7 DIGITS. 2123661 (Created 06/06/2020) — Nearly a year before Algorand NFTs took off.

To illustrate this further: Newer tokens like Algorillas’ $Rilla has 9 Digits and starts with a nine. (Created 10/10/2022)