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Andrew W
10 min readJan 11, 2023

Caffeine cards, GM Parties, and ways to play with your NFTs

Okay. So it’s a 48x48 pixel canvas… of a dude… sitting in a cup of coffee... drinking coffee.

So what?

It’s that. And so very much more.

This is CoffeeBits Bath Club. It’s a whole lot of something.

“Andrew, just give me the quick rundown. I just need a couple paragraphs because I have the attention span of a gnat.”

LionsWrinkle, active as a creator in the Algorand NFT space as early as October 2021, has a reputation for graphic design and knack for shipping projects quickly.

Known most recently for CoffeeBits Bath Club, LionsWrinkle has previously been associated with AlgoMeteo, SoulPod, SoulPod Moss, CoffeeBits, creating p2p trading platform Atomixwap, and for creating the CoffeeDAO Membership NFTs used in the Coffee DAO $BEAN Roast of 2022.

CoffeeBits Bath Club is a departure from LionsWrinkle’s more static collections. It is a set of 3,333 digital collectibles (nfts) called Bathers, that can be altered by their owners using other digital collectibles.

In plain english?

Users can earn “trading cards” that represent clothing, locations and decorations in order to change their character’s appearance.

Cards can be earned by purchasing a brand new CoffeeBits bather, and by participating in events like Discord GM Parties.

Not interested in those freebies and just want to meme your CoffeeBits bather?

LionsWrinkle created some apps including Good Morning and Longboi Generators.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  1. An overview of the CoffeeBits Bath Club project
  2. Caffeine Card Packs — Earned through purchases and GMs
  3. Card Types — 7 card types
  4. The Grinder — Using cards and possible conflicts
  5. Good Morning and Longboi Generator — Memetastic
  6. GM and GM Parties — Winning Caffeine Cards

Right on. But what are CoffeeBits Bath Club bathers anyway?

For those new to LionsWrinkle’s CoffeeBits Bath Club, it is the sophomore project of the CoffeeBits series, and third coffee-themed project.

Leaning heavily on newer tech in the Algorand ecosystem, CoffeeBits Bath Club allows heavy, yet finite, customization of the bathers.

What does this mean?

Collectors can change or alter their Bather’s appearance by trading in limited edition Caffeine Cards on the CoffeeBits website.

Above, you’ll see an example of an NFT that I altered twice. Once with a wall decoration, and another with a mug decoration.

How does this all work?

First, the CoffeeBits website: Caffeine Cards, Grinder and Good Morning.

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Caffeine Card Packs

Caffeine Cards are the aromatic lifeforce of CoffeeBits Bath Club.

They are used to alter a Bathers’ appearance. Each card varies in type and quantity, helping to create an incredibly fluid collection.

Caffeine Card packs are attached to Bathers at the time of first purchase.

A user buys a Bather from the primary sale? Free card pack.

A user buys a Bather from a secondary sales? Free card pack less likely.

How do you check for new cards? Follow the Golden Packs.

Example of Caffeine Card Packs. 1 card per Bather purchased in the primary mint.

From the main page, users can look for the Golden Pack Icon next to the login. Want to know if a specific Bather has already redeemed their card? You can browse Bathers on the website. If the Golden Pack Icon is showing, there is still a Caffeine Card available for that Bather.

Golden Pack Icon

Gentle Reminder: Each card is a digital collectiblenft.

As such, Caffeine Cards can be bought, sold, traded, rented, used as collateral, and more outside of the CoffeeBits website.

Cool. So what kind of cards are there?

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Card Types

There are, as of this writing, (7) seven different card types for CoffeeBits Bath Club: Room, Decoration, Cup, Body, Power, Clothing, and Mini Mug

These represent different traits that can be added to a CoffeeBits Bather.

Each card is a limited edition trait that is burned after use.

Only one card of a particular type can be used at a time! Adding a new Cup (C) card will replace the existing Cup.

Everyone always has that one favorite mug.

More on that in a bit.

Example: There is a Cup card that pays tribute to NFT collection Crazy Goose Flock (CGF). There were 63 CGF cards to start. Since then, more than 12 of them have been used on Coffeebits Bathers.

Quick Recap

There are (7) seven different Caffeine Card types representing their respective traits. Cards can be traded in to alter a CoffeeBits Bather’s appearance.

So where is this being done, you may ask? The Grinder.

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The Grinder

This is where much of the project truly shines.

Users can login to the CoffeeBits website and customize their Bathers using Caffeine Cards that they own.

Only eligible Bathers will be shown on this screen.

Example of a user’s Bathers. Only NFTs owned by a user will show on this page.

Once a Bather is chosen, users will need to select Caffeine Cards.

In the example below, I chose a Matthias Trinley Decoration (D) card.

(Left) Preview Image (Right) Review Stage

Review Step

As of this writing, this is a manual step for LionsWrinkle to review and push. This may change to an automated process in the future.

Below you can see the current version of one of my Bathers.

I’ve added the Trinley Painting from trading in a Decoration (D) Caffeine Card, and added a Yieldling by trading in a Cup (C) Caffeine Card.

These changes appear visually, and can be referenced on certain third party websites.

(Left) Caffeine Cards used in the the Final Image (Middle) Final Image (Right) Trait data as it appears on

Nerdier Stuff: When a Caffeine Card is traded in, LionsWrinkle changes a CoffeeBits Bathers’ metadata (traits) on the network. Any app that wants to display this information can! NFT Aggregators — apps that tracks marketplace listings and sales volume, can read and display this information without needing permission. NFTExplorer and Asalytic are two places where these traits can be seen and filtered.

The number of changes a collector can make to a CoffeeBits bather is limited only by the number of eligible Caffeine Cards they hold.

Using Multiple Cards & Conflicts

A user can select up to seven (7) Caffeine Cards on a Bather in a single upgrade.

In the below image I selected a Moka Pot Mini Mug (MM), Lightning Neon Decoration (D), and changed the Body (B) to Copper.

Wait. Andrew…. What happened to the Matthias Trinley painting?

Remember, while you can use multiple cards at a time, only one of each card type can display on a Bather at a time.

Each new card replaces the previous trait of the same type.

Since the Trinley Painting and the Lighting Neon traits are BOTH Decorations (D), only the newest Decoration card will be displayed.

The old trait is lost FOREVER.

Lost Foreva Eva?

Foreva Eva.

Caffeine Cards are sent to a burn wallet as they are traded in.

What this means is each trait, be it a decoration, cup, room or clothing piece is deflationary, becoming more rare every time it is used or replaced and removed from circulation.

Users can Browse Caffeine Cards and the qty that have been burned on the CoffeeBits website. (Look for the flame icon.)

Andrew… that last image shows cards with extra requirements!

Good observation!

Some Caffeine Cards can only be used in certain conditions. A user can’t hang a painting outdoors, for instance.

Recap for this section

CoffeeBits Bath Club Bathers are mutable — changeable NFTs. Caffeine Cards can be used to change the decorations, room type, cup, mini mug, clothing, power, or body type of a bather.

Changes made to a Bather can be seen across the entire network.

This means a user can log into, NFT Marketplace Rand Gallery, see sales volume on NFTExplorer, view the NFTs in an Algorand supported wallet, or any other app that wants to display this information, and see the SAME information. Including any visual changes made to the NFT.

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Good Morning and Longboi Generators

CoffeeBits creator, LionsWrinkle, has also created two onsite meme makers on the CoffeeBits website.

Users can login, select their bather, and use a template to make alterations to it.

Once satisfied, they may download as an animated .gif or as a static image.

While using Caffeine Cards alters the NFTs appearance and is broadcasted across the entire Algorand network, the GM (Good Morning) and Longboi Generators are merely cosmetic and the created images are only saved locally.

No changes are made to the NFT or the information stored on the network using these tools. This is just for fun friends. These do not create new NFTs.

Longboi Generator. Users can cosmetically change the neck length of their NFT’s image.

Animated image examples using Longboi and Good Morning generators.

(Left) Longboi Generator (Middle and Right) Good Morning Generator

Related Article: When Andrew Writes an Article About Longbois — gives an overview of how the Longboi meme started on Algorand and some of the projects that participated. (from December 2022)

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GM and GM Parties

Earlier I mentioned that there are a couple ways to earn Caffeine Cards.

The first was buy purchasing a CoffeeBits Bath Club bather as a primary sale.

The second was saying “GM” in The Cafe or at GM Parties.

Saying “GM” in the The Cafe

In the LionsWrinkle Discord group, there is a channel dedicated to all things GM (Good Morning).

Holders of CoffeeBits collections can enter #the-cafe channel in the Discord group and say “GM” for a chance at winning other NFTs from the prize wallet.

Here is Bork Bork co-creator Yomo winning a CoffeeBits NFT.

Note: Saying “GM” in The Cafe is available once every 20 hours by default. Users can pay $ROAR, the utility token of the Coffeeverse, to get another shot at a prize.

Related Article: Raffle Bees — Utility Token Market — Gives an overview of Utility Tokens on the Algorand network.

GM Parties

GM Parties are like saying “GM” in the Cafe… with a couple extra shots of espresso.

Rather than waiting 20 hours in between GMs, participants can say “GM” during these special events every 5 minutes.

Prizes generally include CoffeeBits, CoffeeBits Bath Club bathers, Caffeine Cards, and digital collectibles (nfts) from other collections.

Below are some examples from previous prizes.

(Left) CoffeeBits (Middle) Caffeine Card (Right) 8-Bit Cones from MoonAlgo

GM Parties are usually single day and time-limited events and have only gained traction as the community has grown.

Please remind me of the information I just read with a short recap!


LionsWrinkle has created a novel approach to trait swapping on the Algorand network, allowing users to alter their NFTs using limited edition digital cards.

Users can select 1–7 Cards at a time to transform their NFT’s appearance, or they can choose not to change their NFTs at all. Thus creating a dynamic collection of varying rarity.

Cards are earned through primary purchases of Coffeebits Bathers, through saying “GM” in The Cafe and during special events like GM Parties.

These new uses of technology are just the start. LionsWrinkle plans to take many of the components of his collections to the next level, with further mutable (changing) mechanisms to come.

Until then? GM.

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