Flex Machine

Andrew W
4 min readMar 8, 2023

Algorand is getting more ways to interact with digital collectibles.

Lightly Updated: August 2nd, 2023

Disclosure: This is a project I am working on with LionsWrinkle, founder of Atomixwap and the CoffeeBits series.

Profile Picture remixed with Flex Machine

An image editor for your NFTs.

Flex Machine will be a free, web-based multi-collection image editing suite that empowers collectors of digital collectibles with tools to creatively showcase their collections.

Banner made with Flex Machine

Once logged in, collectors can select images from their digital wallet, remix them, and save them for use as social media avatars, Twitter banners, desktop wallpapers, and more.

There will be (4) four main tools at launch: Flex, Banner, Mix, and Stretch/Squish with option to add stickers from held collections.

Multi-collection compatible

  1. Flex — Create a grid or animated .gif with up to 100 images.
  2. Banner — Create social media-ready images from some of your favorite collections.
  3. MixCombine one or more images in a 1x1 .

Single collection only

4. Stretch/SquishSelect a part of an image to grow or shrink. Available as still images or animated .gifs.

Unlockable Stickers

Own a digital collectible (nft) from a specific collection like Parliament of AOWLs or State Pooofs, and unlock all available stickers and backgrounds from that collection.

(Left) Stickers can be unlocked for use by owning digital collectibles (nfts) from different collections. (Center) Original Image (Right) AOWL decorated with stickers from State Pooofs and Monsti .

Flex Mode

Choose a grid size from 1x1–5x5 and Flex Machine will fill every box with something from your collection.

Flex Mode: (Left) Randomized grid (Right) Selecting specific images to showcase in the grid

Want more out of Flex Mode?

Collectors can replace any image in the grid, add stickers, or create an animated .gif with up to 100 images.

Flex Mode: Animated .gif

Banner Mode

Create Twitter ready banners by placing digital collectibles and stickers anywhere on the canvas.

No advanced photo editing skills required.

Banner Mode: (Left) Layering 9 collections. (Center and Right) Mixing and matching stickers from held collections

Want a little more out of Banner Mode?

Layers can be reordered, resized, flipped and rotated in app.

Banner Mode: (desktop) Combining 20+ layers on desktop with keyboard shortcuts.

Want even more?

The desktop version allows additional precision with keyboard shortcuts for position and resizing.

Layers on layers on layers.

Mix Mode

Create images for social media. Similar to Banner Mode, Mix mode will allow multiple image layers and stickers to be added to the canvas.

(Left) Mix Mode: Resizing/Repositioning (Right) Mix Mode: Example combining stickers from multiple collections


Users will be able to load an image from their wallet to lengthen or shrink, select settings, and add stickers.

(Left) Crazy Goose Flock base image (Right) Neck enlarged 200% with stickers from State Pooofs, AOWLs, Meowlgo, and Tim P.

Final images can be downloaded as still images or .gifs.

Moving the image’s ‘Stretch Area’ yields different results.

Flex Machine arrives in March

Flex Machine was designed over the course of several months as something free for Algorand NFT collectors to DO with their digital collectibles.

At launch, the platform will support Crazy Goose Flock, M.N.G.O, State Pooofs, Monsti, tinyhorse, STUPIDHORSE, SHEP, Baby Hoot Group, AOWLs, CoffeeBits Bath Club, Meowlgo, Mostly Frens, Yieldlings, and more*.

Additional collections to come!

Over the next week, we will be publishing more information about the platform and give an idea of how creators can get involved.

Stay tuned!

*Note: Some features may be limited to certain collections. Collections, stickers, and final features may vary from those shown.

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