Brand Expansions — 7 Algorand NFT creators going multi-chain

Andrew W
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Hint: ALGO handshakes XRPL

DeGods and y00ts may have not been the first NFT projects to go cross-chain, but the news certainly made waves in the digital collectible space when the respective collections made Christmas Day announcements to move from Solana to the Ethereum and Polygon networks.

Similar trends have begun to evolve on other chains, with collections shopping around for their perfect fit.

In the case of established Algorand network creators, some have looked toward brand expansions over full migrations. In short, collections on Algorand are becoming overwhelmingly planted with one foot in their home network while dipping their toes elsewhere; taking advantage of a larger user base and sharing developmental resources.

Here are some of the Algorand network NFT creators expanding to other chains in 2023.

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  1. Thurstober Digital Studios
  2. Tree Faces by Dale Forward
  3. Maureen Denny
  4. Zerkers by H&Y
  5. XRealm Protectors by Sgt Hoover
  6. Ripples by Jolly Mo
  7. BeatleX by Attenborough of Seafolk


With what some analysts deem a win in the digital collectible space toward regulatory clarity, the recent perceived positive outcome in the SEC vs Ripple case has lead XRPL to quickly become a destination for Algorand creatives to squeeze their creative juices.

For many, it’s already become a home away from home as XRPL boasts similar speeds and transaction costs to the Algorand network and uses native assets as their preferred NFT standard. Familiarity makes for good company.

Today we’re covering just 7 of the creators that are exploring XRPL in 2023.

1. Thurstober Digital Studios

One of the most notable on the list, the current brand expansions made onto the XRPL by Algorand artists in 2023 are a direct result of the moves made by Thurstober and team to go multi-chain with their NFT-based horse racing game.

Creating their own internal database to track their digital collectibles, Thurstober Digital Studios (TDS) will allow their collections to freely move between blockchains, starting with a two way burn-to-mint bridge between the Algorand and XRPL networks.

Thurstober has several collections to date, including STUPIDHORSE, tinyhorse, 2 tinyhorse, STUPIDPONY, and soon FANCYHORSE.

Sample images for the forthcoming FANCYHORSE (2023) series. — Images courtesy of Thurstober Digital Studios

Each of the current collections are game pieces with their own unique in-game cool-down periods effecting how often they can be played.

A leader in NFT gaming utility, Thurstober Digital Studios is also a prolific developer for NFT tools in the Algorand ecosystem. In July, TDS announced they will be the primary tool provider for Algorand NFT Marketplace Rand Gallery (R&).

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2. Tree Faces by Dale Forward

Arguably the most prolific artist on the Algorand network, Dale Forward is the mastermind behind 8 separate collections. While he has recently leaned into 2D line drawings, his earliest work on the network was AlgoGods, an 888 piece collection made from pre-built 3D models assembled as .gifs and music videos.

Tree Faces on the XRPL network—(Dale Forward ‘23)

His recent brand expansion into XRP includes Tree Faces, which recently lead in 24-hour volume on the charts.

Dale Forward Pieces on the Algorand Network

As mentioned above, Dale is an art making machine, with multiple collections on Algorand spanning the fantasy genre.

Full list found on

Left to Right: Algoblintoen (2022); Lil Angels (2022); Lil Demons (2022) — Image courtesy of Dale Forward. Display courtesy of Flex Machine.
Left to Right: Lil Devils (2022); Lil Spooks (2022); Wizard Kings (2022) — Image courtesy of Dale Forward. Display courtesy of Flex Machine.
Dale Redraws (2022/23)

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3. Maureen Denny

Working with photo composites and occasionally dabbling with AI, Maureen Denny is no stranger to NFTs. She’s been producing work on the Algorand network since 2021, collaborating with street photographer Andreea Badiu, VLAD3Design, and most recently MoonAlgo of SHEP.

Photo composites by Maureen Denny on the Algorand network— Image courtesy of Denny. Display courtesy of Flex Machine.

Expanding her horizons a bit, Maureen recently added a few images to the XRPL combining her own photography enhanced with a touch of AI.

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4. Zerkers by H&Y

Hurley and Yomo, real life friends turned NFT afficionados, started early in Algorand NFTs. Hurley gained prominence early on with one of Algorand’s first PFP collections AlgoBros (2021); and Yomo acting as community manager for projects like The Parliament of AOWLs (2021).

They eventually rejoined forces to form H&Y; which delivered their 2022 Algorand released Bork Borks, playable characters for H&Y’s retro gaming suite.

Bork Borks (2022) — Images courtesy of H&Y NFTs. Display courtesy of Flex Machine.

Most recently, they’ve announced an expansion to the XRPL, with tentative plans to release a pixel companion series Zerkers in September 2023.

Holders of Bork Borks or Zerkers will have access to H&Y’s ever growing retro gaming suite, including space invaders-inspired game Astro Explorer.

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5. XRealm Protectors by Hoover

Hoover has been building bears all throughout the bear with some of the sketchiest bears on the Algorand network.

Left to Right: Sketchy Bears (2022); Sketchier Bears (2022); Sketchy Bears Gen 2 (2022)-Images courtesy of Hoover. Display courtesy of Flex Machine.

Announced late July, Hoover is making some minor moves, with his first few pieces dropping on XRPL.

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6. Ripples by Jolly Mo

Immortal Jolly is what many would consider an Algorand network “OG,” with collections dating back to 2021.

Left to Right: Immortal Jolly (2021), Adventures of Immortal Jolly (2022), and Jolly Skulls (2022) — Images courtesy of Jolly Mo. Display courtesy of Flex Machine.

Jolly Mo has collaborated with Hans of Algo Hands/FUMs and has made tributes for top Algorand creators like Stitch of M.N.G.O/Mostly Frens fame.

It seems like Jolly is only just getting started.

As part of the late July announcement, Jolly will be releasing Ripples, a 200 piece set of 1/1 NFTs on XPRL ahead of his upcoming Jolly Corps project on the Algorand network.

Holders of Ripples on XRPL will be given an allowlist spot and special traits for the upcoming Jolly Corps Project on Algorand.

What’s Jolly Corps?

From Discord: “The Jolly Corps is an idle story-based series where your Corpo is your Hero. Send your Corpo on quests and gain special rewards to customise and make your Corpo even more personalised.

According to Jolly, The Corpo series will feature: Trait Swapping, maps with rolling quests and special points of interest, collaborative maps, and more.

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7. BeetleX by Attenborough of Seafolk

Pixel power couple Cousteau and Attenborough made waves on the Algorand network with their hit series Seafolk in 2022 and Seagods in early 2023. With less than 400 NFTs between the two collections, they were quickly swept in an eddy of Gen 3 Depthfolk. All told, there are still fewer than 3,000 NFTs across collections.

1st Image — Seafolk (2022), 2nd Image — Seagods (2023), 3rd Image-Depthfolk (2023) — Images courtesy of Cousteau & Attenborough. Display courtesy of Flex Machine.

In late July, Seafolk announced their expansion onto the XRPL with BeetleX, with Attenborough taking the helm.

As of August 1st, the first 3 BeetleX pieces have been released.

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Wrapping Up

As the digital collectible space matures and blockchains work toward account abstraction — using blockchain without knowing it, we will likely see less emphasis on where brands are located and more on the brands themselves.

For brands going cross-chain right now, there has never been more opportunity to gain additional exposure and grow collector bases.

For blockchain foundations, those responsible for network growth, there has never been more pressure to retain developers, creatives or their core collectors (often the most vocal network proponents).

As witnessed with the DeGods and y00ts moves to Ethereum and Polygon, and further with Poppin Puffins to Algorand during the Terra Luna implosions, NFT creators can mobilize their entire fanbases within weeks.

It is paramount for blockchain foundations to recognize, support, and incentivize these budding entrepreneurs to continue building on their platforms or risk losing them and their established fanbases to other ecosystems.

Author: Andrew W. on Twitter/X — @andrewwindmills

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