9 Dynamic NFT Collections

Andrew W
12 min readJul 31, 2023

Project R4V3N, Mostly Frens, CoffeeBits Bath Club & More

While the digital collectible space is no stranger to dynamic NFTs — NFTs with alterable components, the trend is certainly on the rise.

On the Algorand Network specifically, mutable NFTs gained popularity in mid-2022 due to the release of NFT standard ARC19, which enabled images (among other things) to be swapped out if certain conditions are met.

ARC-19 was developed by TxnLabs for their blockchain naming service NF.domains, but its versatility in altering NFT images have been the most widely adopted use case to date.

Note: Algorand NFTs are mainly minted as native assets — those issued, recorded and kept on a blockchain. As such, Algorand NFTs more closely resemble those found on the XRPL and Cardano networks than their smart-contract based counterparts on networks like Ethereum and Solana.

Here are 9 active collections on the Algorand network (and two coming soon) making use of dynamic nfts. Only collection public release months are displayed.

Quick Links

  1. Project R4V3N — (July 2022)
  2. Mostly Frens — (July 2022)
  3. CoffeeBits Bath Club — (September 2022)
  4. FUMS — (October 2022)
  5. FUGU — (October 2022)
  6. Mental Marvin — (February 2023)
  7. Crazy Goose Robots — (April 2023)
  8. Shitty Cities — (June 2023)
  9. The Lost Bots — (August 2023)

Coming in 2023

10. FANCYHORSE — (2023)

11. SoulPod Ones — (2023)

Project R4V3N (2022)

Project R4V3N Trait Swapping— Image Courtesy of Flex Machine and Project R4V3N

Network: Algorand
Artist and Project Lead: Sevanya (Algo Spectacular Cats, Alex)
Developer: Fatalix (Algo Spectacular Cats, Alex)
Public Release Date: July 21st, 2022

Various traits that can be added or removed from the base R4V3N. — Image Courtesy of NFTExplorer.app

Project R4V3N was among the first collections to make use of dynamic nfts using ARC-19, Algorand’s newer mutable metadata standard. In plain speak, these are NFTs that can change their appearance and attributes.

In R4V3N, the base character is an NFT that can be modified by other NFTs.

While Base models often start as a caution tape-covered mannequin, collectors can customize them with other Project R4V3N NFTs representing hats, shirts, weapons, or other compatible items.

Unlike many other collections in this article, Project R4V3N traits are not consumed nor burned, and can be swapped out infinitely using Project R4V3N’s website.

Manufacture Demo — Courtesy of Project R4V3N

“The first fully mutable ARC19 cyberpunk collection on Algorand. [Project R4V3N is a] Premium series — 999 NFTs with 200 unique traits.” — Project R4V3N on NFTExplorer.

New traits are released regularly, including collaborations and tributes from other Algorand-based artists and collections.

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Mostly Frens/Best Frens (2022/2023)

Mostly Frens— Image Courtesy of Flex Machine and Mostly Frens

Network: Algorand
Artist and Project Lead: Stitch (Yieldling, M.N.G.O)
Developer: Stein (The Lost Bots)
Animation: Hans (FUMs)
Public Release Date: July 24th, 2022/TBA

Mostly Frens is the companion series to Algorand network favorites Yieldling and M.N.G.O., which comes with a simple premise:

“Use $SHRIMP to evolve your frens through the 4 stages of sleep.”

Viewing all the changes made to Mostly Frens #1997 — Courtesy of NFTExplorer.app

Using the Mostly Frens website, holders of this companion series can upgrade their NFTs from greyscale to full color as each NFT moves from the dream world to REM.

Mostly Fren #3384 Evolving from N2 to N3 — Image Courtesy of Algogray and Mostly Frens

Soon, holders will be able to create an animated “Best Fren” by combining (burning) three fully-colorized REM Frens and selecting their favorite traits to carry over.

Mostly Frens and their flamingo companions from Stitch’s other collections are also invited to engage in Dream Quests, which allow the NFTs to gain experience points and find NFT Loot.

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CoffeeBits Bath Club (2022)

CoffeeBits Bath Club — Image Courtesy of Flex Machine and Coffeebits Bath Club

Network: Algorand
Artist and Lead Developer: LionsWrinkle (CoffeeBits, SoulPod & SoulPod Ones, SoulPod Moss, AlgoMeteo, Flex Machine, Atomixwap)
Public Release Date: September 8th, 2022

CoffeeBits Bath Club is a customizable trait-swapping collection by LionsWrinkle.

Bathers, the nickname for the coffee-soaked NFTs, can be upgraded using Caffeine Card NFTs.

Using Caffeine Cards, collectors can modify their Bath Club Bather’s mug design, background, or other decorations.

Caffeine Cards are using to alter CoffeeBits Bath Club traits — Image Courtesy of CoffeeBits Bath Club

Bathers and Caffeine Cards can be added to The Grinder, where they are combined into a new NFT (digital collectible).

The Grinder: Allows holders to preview a Caffeine Card’s effect on a CoffeeBits Bath Club Bather — Image Courtesy of LionsWrinkle

Used Caffeine Cards are locked up and never return into circulation.

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FUMS (2022)

Basic FUMS — Courtesy of Flex Machine and FUMs

Network: Algorand
Artist: Hans (Algo Hands, FUMS, Best Frens-TBR)
Public Release Date: October 1st, 2022

The sophomore collection following Algo Hands, FUMS became the first animated trait swapping collection on the Algorand network in October 2022.

Collectors accumulate and spend $GUM tokens on animation upgrades called Gum Tickets.

Gum Tickets are used for animation upgrades in the FUMs series — Images Courtesy of FUMs

Gum Tickets can be combined with compatible FUMs for a customized animated art upgrade.

Various FUMs characters upgraded with Gum Tickets — Images courtesy of FUMs

FUMs artist Hans is currently also working on animation for the forthcoming “Best Frens” upgrade from Mostly Frens.

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FUGU (2022)

Network: Algorand
Artist: EdsOnToast (CHUMs, Forest Folk)
Public Release Date: October 8th, 2022

From FUGU’s description: “Explore different regions under the sea to find your perfect style and become part of the creative process with continuous new traits and ideas.”

Fugu collectors can search for materials needed to craft new traits in the project’s Discord.

Trait simulator on the FUGU website — Image courtesy of FUGU

As of this writing, the trait simulator was down due to upgrades ahead of the FUGU APEX series.

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Mental Marvin (2023)

Network: Algorand
Artist: Maars (Maars Comics, Sweet Ripley, Algo Force)
Public Release Date: February 6th, 2023

In Mental Marvin, rather than requiring other NFTs to modify the base image, collectors simply login with their digital wallets and purchase upgrade traits through the Mental Marvin trait shop.

Trait Swapper on the Mental Marvin website — Image courtesy of Maars

Once upgrades are chosen and paid for, the base Mental Marvin image will update.

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Crazy Goose Robots (2023)

Network: Algorand
Artist: Ventral
Developer: Agash (Rand Gallery, Zerkers)
Public Release Date: April 9th, 2023

Crazy Goose Robots are in some respects, modern Tomagotchis.

They need to be fed and cared for or they DIE.

To emphasize this, Crazy Goose Robots (CGR) have 8 different states, reflecting different expressions based on how the robot is feeling.

Different States of Crazy Goose Robots — Image Courtesy of Crazy Goose Robots

Left unfed, the CGR’s health deteriorates, reflecting a progression of melancholy and ultimate death.

In addition to mood, CGRs also progress through 4 background stages, called biomes. Each stage adding an increasing amount of detail to the background environment.

Crazy Goose Flock Biomes — Image courtesy of Crazy Goose Robots

Fortunately for those that murdered countless Tomagotchis in their youth, Stage 4 CGRs are maxed out and require no more feeding.

Feeding and evolving only require $CRUMB, the project’s utility token.

No NFTs or digital collectibles are burned as part of the upgrade process.

Soon, Crazy Goose Robots will be able to join Missions in order to find Loot.

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Shitty Cities (2023)

Network: Algorand
Artist: H. Minner (Shitty Kitties, Shitty Kitties Second Litter, Shitty Kitties Third Litter)
Lead Developer: Minner (Shitty Kitties, Shitty Kitties Second Litter, Shitty Kitties Third Litter)
Public Release Date: June 2nd, 2023

Shitty Cities was among the first non-animal trait swapping collections on the Algorand network, allowing collectors to build their ideal city for their Shitty Kitties to move into.

Collectors can upgrade a 3x3 city grid using Shitty City Block NFTs which depict anything from skateparks and tennis courts, to arcades and taco restaurants.

First Image: Blank Shitty City, 2nd & 3rd Images: Shitty City Blocks that can be added to the base

Most recently, Shitty Cities released Shitty Collab Blocks, which pay tribute to other Algorand collections such as Mostly Frens, State Pooofs, and Crazy Goose Flock.

Each Shitty City Block has a rarity score that helps determine the maximum population for a Shitty City. The higher the score, the more Shitty Kitties can ‘move in.’

Like Project R4V3N, Shitty City Blocks can be added and removed infinitely, allowing holders to freely trade or sell them on secondary markets.

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The Lost Bots (2023)

Network: Algorand
Artist: Oink (The Lost Pigs, Creepto Mugs, AlgOcean Game NFTs, Algo Flyer)
Lead Developer: Stein (Mostly Frens/Best Frens)
Advisor: Big Barth (Twine)
Public Release Date: August 1st, 2023

Quite possibly the most ambitious animated trait-swapping collection on Algorand to date, The Lost Bots requires 96 frames of animation per layer.

From the developer of Mostly Frens, Stein carried over several mechanics to bring the collection to life.

Lost Bots are upgraded through several stages of animation — Build; Enhanced; and Activated. New trait layers are added in each stage until the full face is finally revealed (See 3rd Image Below).

The Lost Bots at various upgrade stages — Courtesy of The Lost Bots

In this latest project, Stein departs from his Mostly Frens/Best Frens mechanic, requiring only two NFTs to be combined together (rather than 3)

The face reveal requires a ‘Core,’ obtained from destroying 1 Fully Activated Lost Bot.

Upgrading a Lost Bot adds traits and additional animation layers — Image courtesy of The Lost Bots

As of this writing, trait swapping is not yet available, but should be rolling out in August 2023. When it does, the collection will become even further deflationary. While Mostly Frens (as seen above) will have a hard cap to the number of Frens to be burned, Lost Bots will be able to be burned and swapped nearly infinitely.

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Sample FANCYHORSES — Courtesy of Thurstober

Network: Algorand and XRP
Artist and Project Lead:
Jenna aka Thurstober (STUPIDHORSE, STUPIDPONY, tinyhorse, 2 tinyhorse)
Developer: Stumps (STUPIDHORSE, STUPIDPONY, tinyhorse, 2 tinyhorse)
Head of Strategy: LoafPickle (STUPIDHORSE, STUPIDPONY, tinyhorse, 2 tinyhorse)
Public Release Date: TBA

Taking a sharp right from her earlier pixel series, Jenna “Thurstober’s” newest release FANCYHORSE will be a 2D generative lineart collection. Fancy will also be using Thurstober Digital Studio’s in house mint-on-demand service with some horses carrying over matching traits from the STUPIDHORSE (2021) series.

We don’t have a whole lot of info yet, but here’s what we got from their Head of Strategy, LoafPickle:

“Fancyhorses will be stable managers where raceable assets can be assigned to them. While the traits will change the fancy’s appearance, it will also have utility boosts that enhance or dehance the assigned horses in race performance” — LoafPickle, Thurstober Digital Studios

Thurstober Digital Studios will eventually be moving their Discord horse racing game to their newly relaunched website AND will be opening a 2-way bridge for horses to freely move between the Algorand and XRPL networks as they expand their brand in 2023

Related Article: tinyhorse — A year of horse racing and $OATS (from Dec. ‘22); FancyHorse by Jenna (from “when Andrew writes an article on Longbois” Dec. ‘22)

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SoulPod Ones (2023)

First Image: SoulPods (2021), Second Image: SoulPod Moss (2022), Third Image: SoulPod: Ones (2023: Pre-reveal)

Network: Algorand
Artist and Lead Developer:
LionsWrinkle (CoffeeBits, SoulPod & SoulPod: Ones, SoulPod Moss, AlgoMeteo, Flex Machine, Atomixwap)
Public Release Date: TBA

Not much has been publicly disclosed on SoulPod Ones, but suffice to say developer LionsWrinkle will be tying together several dynamic NFT mechanisms we’ve seen in the Algorand ecosystem and adding some new twists to them.

To add to this, the new collection will be weaving the stories of the previous two collections together, SoulPod and SoulPod Moss.

According to SoulPod’s lore, after the extinction of humanity, SoulPods (2021) became the keepers of their souls. SoulPod Moss (2022), by extension, preserved some of the last remnants of life.

Enter SoulPod Ones, where the final extinction of humanity has long passed. “SoulPods thus gather, trying to remember the original faces behind their souls.”

SoulPod Ones

In this third iteration of the Soul series, SoulPod: Ones is broken into two phases: Reconstruct and Reunite.

The Reconstruct Phase: Pieces together forgotten memories of the SoulPod: One’s face. Each stage reveals more clues and details on the NFT that will help holders to find its lost family (matching SoulPod and Moss).

The Reunite Phase: A Soul Pod One will become animated if, and only if, it is reunited with its loved ones. Holders must find the accompanying SoulPod and SoulPod Moss of the same family and hold them together for a set period of time.

SoulPod Ones will be among the first collections making use of a “hold a set” mechanism for a final evolution, and we’re definitely excited to see it in action.

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Wrapping Up

Dynamic NFTs are still relatively new on the Algorand network. Clocking in at just over a year old as of this writing, there are less than two dozen projects actively making use of them.

While I couldn’t get through all of them in this writing, I will be covering other collections in the future.

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Author: Andrew on Twitter/X — @andrewwindmills

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